i Can › Navigator Favorites

July 30th, 2014 Comments off
Last week, I wrote about the search feature that has been added to Navigator and mentioned another new feature—favorites. With all the capability now in...

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iDevelop › RPG Speed Dating

July 30th, 2014 Comments off
Remember Y2K? It is somewhat mind-blowing to realize just how many years have elapsed since then. We were both working for IBM at the time...

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midrange.com job board Job Site › AS400 RPG Computer Programmer/Analyst at Nitterhouse Concrete Products Inc (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania)

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Nitterhouse Concrete Products, located in Chambersburg, PA, is a family owned manufacturer, in business for over 90 years. We have an immediate opening for a Computer Programmer/Analyst to design, dev...

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iDevelop › OCEAN Views

July 22nd, 2014 Comments off
Last week we spoke at the OCEAN User Group's annual conference in Costa Mesa in (normally) sunny California. It was great to see that like...

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i Can › Navigator Search

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Search and favorites are two of the new features added to Navigator in IBM i 7.2. You will find the search feature in the upper...

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You and i › Modernizing – Mincron and LANSA

July 22nd, 2014 Comments off
I’m continuing a series of conversations on the process of modernizing applications on IBM i, and the value modernization brings. As I did last time,...

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You and i › Modernizing –TMW and Profound Logic

July 10th, 2014 Comments off
Investing in your assets, improving customer satisfaction, staying competitive, planning for growth – these are just a few reasons why an organization decides that the...

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Angus' Blog › Another challenge to step up

July 9th, 2014 Comments off

I received an email today titled “I Know Your Password” from IBM i iSeries & AS/400 Security News . You can read the web version of the email here:


I was taken aback by the utter branding confusion throughout the email, and having talked to Dan in the past, I thought it was time for another attempt at reason.

Here is the response I emailed…
It’s time….

Now that it is 20i4, and IBM i has been with us for 6 years, it is time to start leading with the current and future platform branding – that is, IBM i.

While you continue to send emails out with iSeries and AS/400 as the subject, you are propagating the myth that there is some kind of question about the branding. And there is not. The platform is IBM i. It was, in the past, System i – then before that, iSeries – and before that, AS/400. And while some customers still think mistakenly that they have an old branded server, this is usually not the case.

Can I encourage you to step up to the platform’s future and start using the correct branding? That is, IBM i.

It is not “IBM i (iSeries and AS/400)”. It is not “iSeries and AS/400”. It is not “AS/400, iSeries, IBM i”. It is also not “IBM i, iSeries AS/400”. It is not “IBM i AS/400”. It is not “IBM i, iSeries”. All of these are found in this one email. It truly is adding to the confusion.

And, if you are the “Top IBM i Security Expert”, why would you be promoting old platforms that are considered out of date and dead now.

I understand the marketing requirement to attract the audience who thinks it is an AS/400 or an iSeries, but using those terms ONCE in your email or web page is sufficient for the search terms to be found. It is, in 20i4, no longer necessary to feed the backward thinking of that part of the community lost in the dark green ages.

It is time to step up to IBM i. Can you do it? The challenge is laid down…

How about you – have you a favorite brand abuser you would like to contact? If you are not up to it personally, feel free to comment the link/s here, and I will address the abuse.

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Simply i › Who would have thought! I am starting to use RPG!

July 4th, 2014 Comments off
I have always said that I did not need to learn or use ‘RPG’ on the IBM i as I always found that ‘C’ could do all that I needed. Recently I was asked by a friend to help them … Continue reading

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Simply i › New RDX Drive not supported by the BACKUP menu commands on our V7R1 Power 720

June 24th, 2014 Comments off
When we read that IBM was recommending users who are currently using the DAT160GB tape system move to the RDX drive system for backup purposes, we decided we would give it a try. First of all we checked with a … Continue reading

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