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January 20th, 2014

If you are using the IBM i HTTPAPI (LIBHTTP) opensource utilities, you already realize how easy it is to talk to a webservice from within your RPG programs.

But remember, after you have run your program, you will have a beautiful log of the entire SOAPey process stored in an IFS file in your temporary folder -- assuming you are running in debug mode.

So , in your program make sure you are turning on debug:

        // Note:  http_debug(*ON/*OFF) can be used to turn debugging
        //        on and off.  When debugging is turned on, diagnostic
        //        info is written to an IFS file named
        //        /tmp/httpapi_debug.txt
      /if defined(DEBUGGING)

and then after you have ran it you can see the results by typing: dsplnk '/tmp/httpapi_debug.txt'

You will see a gloriously detailed log that looks something like this:

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