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Bob Cancilla on IBM i › The End of i

December 24th, 2013
I have been predicting the demise of the IBM i for sometime now.  The primary reason being the lack of revenue to IBM generated from IBM i customers.  Here is a great article by Timothy Prickett Morgan that summarizes what is going on in a nutshell: http://www.itjungle.com/tfh/tfh121613-story01.html.

The article highlights the decline in Power Systems sales, especially the decline in UNIX (AIX) based systems of over 36%.  This includes a decline in IBM i, but IBM does not report IBM i revenues or sales statistics specifically.  It is all bundled.  Note that the only gain in this area is Linux based systems. Overall IBM has dropped to a second place position behind Dell in midrange server sales.

The fundamental issue is the lack of revenue coming form IBM i.  Most license fee's for the OS are covered under previous agreements and there is no upgrade fee for new releases.  There is an annual maintenance fee (SWMA) but companies have found they only really need that on one small test machine and do not need it on their large (big price) production machines.  You can freely download and distribute PTF's to all of your machines.

Admittedly, IBM got itself into this mess with lack of attention to contracts in the AS/400 and subsequent system arena, but the bottom line is there is very little money coming in.  Add to that companies that have not upgraded to new equipment and/or versions of the OS and the picture gets even more dismal.  Read TPM''s article at the link above for details.

It is time to move away from RPG (because it only runs on IBM i) and become platform neutral so that when not if but "when" IBM pulls the plug on IBM i you are prepared to deal with it and move elsewhere.  Until then, enjoy the best machine ever built and the incredible value for a high performance extremely reliable system.

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