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Bob Cancilla on IBM i › What is happening to IBM?

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Read Bob Cringely's blog on IBM! He talks about some failed IBM consulting projects and the reason for the failures.  Cringely points out that IBM works very hard to spell out a services contract that spells out exactly what the customer wants and that is exactly what they do.

On the surface it sounds exactly like what you would want from a services vendor doesn't it?

Well, what if, what the customer wants is not what they need or what they really meant?

In over 40 years of systems analysis, design, and managing multi-million dollar system projects it has become crystal clear that users can rarely articulate their requirements clearly.  In fact many system development methodologies today work on defining, reviewing, and revising requirements, often based on prototypes of the proposed applications.

Often the user who defines the requirements is not the user of the system and while doing the best they can does not really understand the requirements.

A good consultant or employee performing project management and development or even implementing vendor software must understand the requirements of the user and make sure everyone involved understands them also.

IBM's entire culture today is to "give the customer what they want" or at least "what they ask for" even if that is not the right thing.  IBM of old worked hard to give the customer what they needed and guide them to what was the right solution…  Sadly, not today's IBM…

Read the original at Bob Cancilla on IBM i.

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