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Alan Seiden Consulting: PHP and IBM i Expertise › High-performance PHP on IBM i this Tuesday (July 30, 2013)

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For the first time, I’m teaching how to Let Your PHP applications fly on IBM i, including how to configure Zend Server for performance, diagnose bottlenecks, leverage unique IBM i performance tools, optimize DB2 and the IBM i toolkit, and improve performance of front-end javascript, style sheets, and the like. You’ll come away with knowledge that you can use immediately to improve your application’s performance.

I’ll be there to answer your questions. What’s more, the presentation will be archived for 60 days so you can review the material afterward.

What: PHP on IBM i performance eLearning event
When: Tuesday, July 30, 2013: three one-hour segments with two one-hour breaks, starting 11AM and ending 4PM (ET).
Where: Online
Cost: $150 (group registrations available)

Details and registration:

Questions: Get in touch with Alan

Other upcoming events from Alan:

August 22, 2013: At NESTU (user group in Fairfield, N.J.): “At ease! Relax your neck-back-shoulders at the keyboard”: A special presentation from Alan to help computer workers (such as all of us) avoid repetitive strain injury and stay poised at work. Fun and unusual.

September 9-11, 2013: COMMON Fall 2013 Conference and Expo in St. Louis, Missouri. The Premier IBM i event. I’m presenting 5 talks on PHP and web performance.

October 7, 2013: Full-day, in-depth PHP on IBM i Performance Workshop, 9:30-4PM (PT) at  ZendCon (the PHP conference). Register for both parts of this tutorial (room 6) for Oct. 7, and the full conference, which goes till Oct. 10, in Santa Clara, California. I’m presenting several talks on PHP for IBM i in addition to the full-day performance tutorial.

Alan’s event page:


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Steve Pitcher › Busy, Busy and Busy Still

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It's been a while since I blogged anything.  I've been quite busy with a VOIP implementation and implementing IBM Connections on IBM i in my day job over the last few months.  Plus baseball season has started so I'm coaching two nights a week.  Prepping content for some fall conferences too. 

Most things I've written recently have come in the form of articles at MC Press Online so I'll point you there.  Just released today is an analysis of new features in IBM Notes 9.  Enjoy.

IBM Notes 9 is a Major League Release

DB2 BLU Acceleration: Who Wants to Go Fast?

IBM PureFlex Solution for IBM i Casts a Wider Net

Installing IBM Web Content Manager and Portal on IBM i

IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 6 Packs on More Muscle

PTFs: How to Manage Them and Why You Need To

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Geekish Garrulous Grumblings blogs › I remember the AS400

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Discussing a data interchange process with a high tech vendor today, he told me that their product could talk to an AS400 but had no experience of IBM i or iSeries.... *sigh*

AS400: just to clarify, the IBM as400 was the IBM minicomputer sold in the late 80’s with its operating system called ‘OS400’. It lasted just over ten years before it was replaced by its successor the next generation ‘IBM iSeries’ in 1999/2000. The new millenium saw a boost in hardware technology and it was quickly upgraded, and the machinew as replaced by the much improved ‘IBM System i’ five years later around 2005.

The platform has continued to evolved and a few years ago (2008/2009) the current generation of the machine was released, called the ‘IBM Power System’ running an operating system called ‘IBM I’ (but also now capable of running Linux, AIX and ‘I’ being the successor to ‘os400’).

the IBM Power System Family tree

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Geekish Garrulous Grumblings blogs › IBM i Facebook Group

July 1st, 2013 Comments off

Folks, there is another Facebook group named "IBM i", please consider joining that group. The term "AS/400" refers to a computer that was discontinued over a decade ago. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not be associated with a discontinued product. We are IBM i professionals... let's use the current name.

[Quote: Scott Klement in the AS400 Group on FB]

So, Here is a group specifically for IBMi technical banter at

IBM i on Power Systems is the best application platform in the world. IBM i has a strong heritage from i5/OS and OS/400. And, it runs on the most powerful commercially available server - the Power Systems server. This Facebook group is a community group, which includes customers, partners and use...
Page: 413 like this.

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