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Bob Cancilla on IBM i › IBM increases SWMA 22% on IBM i

February 28th, 2013 Comments off
IBM is raising SWMA (Software Maintenance on IBM i)
Take a look at IBM's new pricing for Software Maintenance. (see for tier level mapping) 

This applies across the board to all versions of the OS. Note that $7,000 per core on P30's and above is a lot of money for software that is not enhanced much or an OS that has had its development team cut drastically over the past several years.

IBM is sending a very clear message: use LINUX! Consider the following:

Why on earth would anyone pay over One Million per year in support for IBM i?  Even the small machines are outrageously priced!  If you do some rough manipulation, this will bring IBM about $30 Million per year.  Considering they have less than 100 people working on IBM i at a cost of under $10 Million that is one nice profit!  As long as you pay they will keep the OS alive!

Unfortunately, paying customers are dropping rapidly.

Hello guys if this isn't a wake up call I can't imagine what is?

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Steve Pitcher › A Lotus Domino Server Installed/Patched In 57 Seconds

February 15th, 2013 Comments off
I had to load a new Domino server this afternoon for a new product we've purchased.  Once I hit the Enter key to set the server installer program into action I got up, walked twenty feet and refilled my cup with black coffee.  I had a quick look out the window and walked back to my laptop with the server ready to rock n' roll.

That was pretty I did another installation test and timed it at 76 seconds.

I traded tweets with Keith Brooks who interestingly did a upgrade time trial on Windows a few years ago.  Three minutes is pretty darn good for an upgrade, especially for a couple of years ago.

I decided to record a test installation and a test upgrade tonight on my Power Systems hardware and IBM i operating environment.  To be fair, I knew I could do better than my own 76 second test because it was in the middle of the business day with a few hundred users on the system hitting our ERP to Domino to Sametime and everything in between.

So tonight I installed an 8.5.1 server with Fix Pack 5.  First, how is that possible?  On this particular IBM i partition I have versions 8.5.0, 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.5.3 and 9 installed with a fix pack assigned to most of them.  The 8.5.1 licensed program has been "augmented" with FP5 which means any new or upgraded-to 8.5.1 server is by default at 8.5.1 FP5.  Any new or upgraded-to 8.5.2 server is at 8.5.2 FP2, etc.  This is just how Domino on IBM i works.  A Fix Pack patches all existing or future Domino servers for it's corresponding release.

This installation took 57 seconds.  Not half bad.

The upgrade from 8.5.1 FP5 to 8.5.3 took 1 minute and 50 seconds:
20 seconds to shut the server down.
70 seconds to update it to 8.5.3.
20 seconds to start the server back up, upgrade the NAB and load all tasks.  Note that a server reboot (IPL) is never required for this type of activity. 

I would really like to see someone do this with some serious iron.  Not that mine is anything to laugh at, but I'd want to see how fast you can do this on a higher end Power Systems server like a 770 or 795.  I'm running IBM i 7.1 TR5 on a lower end 6-way IBM Power Systems 8202-E4B (Power 720 Express) with 96 GB RAM.  The auxilliary storage pool Domino runs in has 2.5 TB disk on 20 drives.  How fast can a Domino install or upgrade really get?  If you can shave more seconds off then I'd love to hear about it.

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