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November 20th, 2012
Here's an article I did for MC Press which covers IBM's long overdue replacement of the Lotus brand, IBM Traveler support on IBM i and the COMMON Europe Top Concerns survey. 

In the Wheelhouse: A Rose by Any Other Name

IBM rebrands one of its most revered products, and we take a good, hard look at COMMON Europe's Top Concerns survey. Plus, IBM i gets native support for the product formerly known as Lotus Notes Traveler: IBM Traveler.

IBM Previews New Lotus IBM Notes and Domino 9!

Lotus Notes is dead. Long live IBM Notes!

With most other Lotus products slowly getting "bluewashed" in recent years, it made sense that IBM would eventually rebrand Lotus Notes and Domino as IBM Notes and Domino. Even the icons are changing from the familiar Lotus yellow to IBM blue. Pushing aside 20+ years of Lotus brand equity, the move to the second most popular brand in the world (along with the 100+ years of brand equity) is much needed; it's the right thing to do. 

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