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Young i Perspectives › Why IBMi – Research Effort

August 31st, 2012
I am putting together a form of research initiative that aims to quantify *why* a non-IBMi tech person should consider or pursue IBMi.  I believe one of the best sources of this information can come from the community, so I’ve setup a GoogleDoc that can be edited by anybody (no Google signup required).
If you are interested in contributing then please head over to this link:http://bit.ly/OyCd3M
The results of this will be placed onto IBM’s IBMi wiki page for all to see and act as a place we can point people.
Here’s a tweet phrase if you are looking to share socially:
Why #IBMi? If you had to convince a #Ruby #PHP #Java dev to run their app on #IBMi what would you say? Comment here: bit.ly/OyCd3M

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