iDevelop › You Can Never Have Too Many RSE Shortcuts

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As part of our preparations for the upcoming RPG & DB2 Summit in Minneapolis we've just released the latest edition of our "Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts...

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DB2 for i › Governance and Control? Show Me

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In the state of Louisiana where I was born and spent some formative years, they often repeat a famous quote: "it ain't braggin' if you can do it".

And in the state of Missouri where I went to college, the unofficial motto is "show me". 

"Show me, do it".  There's no quicker way to separate fact from fiction, truth from falsehood, or request a demonstration. And if all goes well, you might learn something; or at least be entertained!

With that in mind, I am excited to announce the results of a recent project that clearly demonstrates one of the major new database enhancements delivered in IBM i 7.2.

Our DB2 for i Center of Excellence team partnered with the IBM International Technical Support Organization (think Redbooks) and the smart, creative folks in IBM i Development to illuminate and exercise Row and Column Access Control. The fruit of this labor is an ITSO Redpaper describing design, definition and implementation scenarios of DB2 row permissions and column masks.


Show Me

If you are interested in establishing effective policies and gaining control of row and column access in a truly data centric way, I want you to do three things:

1. Go here and watch the brief video explaining the situation, then share it with your business leaders - especially the owners of the data.  There is a version in Spanish as well as in English.

2. Go here and download the DB2 for i Row and Column Access Control Redpaper.  Read it.  Think about it.  Generate awareness in your organization.

3. Identify an executive champion - someone who will have to answer the phone when sensitive data lands on the wrong desk.  Initiate a project with assistance from the IBM DB2 for i Center of Excellence team.  In other words, point out the problem (unfettered access to all the data), and then suggest the solution (RCAC).

As always, feel free to contact me if you need help with articulating the situation at any level of your organization.

And remember, data is valuable. Please protect it.

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iDevelop › Who Was That Masked Man? Or That Masked Value?

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In a recent post, we voiced our concerns about the potential for application error when taking advantage of the masking support related to RCAC in...

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i Can › IBM i 7.2 – Batch Model

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In the IBM i 7.2 release, there is a new function called “Batch Model”; the 7.2 announcement stated: “The Batch Model has been added, providing...

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Alan Seiden Consulting: PHP and IBM i Expertise › Zendcon 2014 promo video for IBM i users

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About Zendcon:

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iDevelop › Boost Your RDi productivity With iSphere

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Back in March 2013 we wrote an article for the IBM i Extra enewsletter in which we covered the basics of the new iSphere plug-in...

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i Can › New IBM i 7.2 TCP/IP Configuration Information Commands

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Two new commands have been provided in IBM i 7.2 to assist clients with handling TCP/IP configuration information. The new Retrieve TCP/IP Information (RTVTCPINF) command...

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Alan Seiden Consulting: PHP and IBM i Expertise › Find the Technology Refresh (TR) level of an IBM i

August 16th, 2014 Comments off

I recently needed to know if a client’s IBM i 7.1 system had Technology Refresh 4 (TR4) installed. If it did, I could use the relatively new INSERT with remote SUBSELECT technique, which allows a single SQL statement to copy DB2 data from one partition to another. Such are the benefits of keeping current with Technology Refreshes.

After reading an article on TRs by Steve Will, I decided to document how to determine which TRs are installed on an IBM i system.

TRs, which were introduced with IBM i 7.1, are packaged as Program Temporary Fixes (PTFs). They can be found with the DSPPTF command.

First, determine the product number of the licensed internal code of  your system. For 7.1, the product number is 5770999.

Then use the DSPPTF command followed by this product number. For example:

DSPPTF 5770999

When run on my test system, this command produced a list of PTFs that included MF99007, MF99006, MF99005, MF99004, MF99003, MF99002, and MF99001.

Because Technology Refresh PTF numbers follow the format MF99nnn, where nnn is the TR number (bolded above), I knew that TR7, TR6, TR5, TR4, TR3, TR2, and TR1 were available. I was pleased to learn I could use TR4′s enhancements to DB2.

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Alan Seiden Consulting: PHP and IBM i Expertise › ZendCon+Tutorial discount expires Aug. 15

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ZendCon, the premier PHP conference, October 27-30, 2014, in Santa Clara, California, has a discount expiring August 15. When you register, be sure to include the tutorial day (Oct. 27). If you already registered but forgot to add the tutorial day, you can contact the organizers via a link at the bottom of the registration page. Among other half-day tutorials, I’ll be presenting two focused on IBM i:

  • PHP Performance on IBM i
    • If you’re interested in performance of PHP, or IBM i generally, in order to scale your application up to meet increased user demand, or if you have specific performance needs right now, you’ll want to attend.
    • Additional insight to be provided by IBM’er Tony Cairns (see below)
    • Testimonial from last year: “Our process now runs 30-50% faster, thanks to one tip from Alan’s presentation.”
      —Mike Meszaros, Software Developer, Specialty Pipe & Tube
  • DB2 with PHP in Depth
    • DB2 on IBM i has received major enhancements over the past year, including a dozen new settings in the PHP ibm_db2 middleware. Hear  how they can help improve security, performance, and stability. Other topics will include, but not be limited to:
      • Basic topics (with added commentary to make it interesting for everyone) such as library lists, prepared queries for security, persistent connections
      • DB2 in frameworks
        • Zend Framework 2
          • Including pagination (page-at-a-time logic)
        • Status of PDO and how it can be used in Laravel and other frameworks
      • The real scoop about modernization and the DDS vs. DDL (SQL) debate
      • Connecting to IBM i’s DB2 from Windows and Linux and other IBM i partitions
      • How to link MySQL-based applications (WordPress, etc.) to DB2 with the DB2 Storage Engine, with special tips
      • Using DB2′s HTTP features to make PHP-based web services even more accessible, including to allow RPG to call PHP and get results back
      • How to optimize queries
      • Strategies to safely open your application to the public
      • Topics and questions that YOU request (contact me in advance if you wish)

My co-presenter for tutorials will be IBM’s Tony Cairns, who helped bring PHP to the IBM i in the first place. He also created XMLSERVICE (toolkit back-end) and is a maintainer of ibm_db2 on the IBM i. One reason Tony comes to ZendCon is to hear from attendees such as yourselves. Normally he stays locked up in his lab. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet him. Watch Tony and me argue and debate in front of the class!

I’m also presenting a session during the regular conference about the PHP Toolkit for IBM i. I’ve updated my presentation with new features of the toolkit and best practices for calling RPG and COBOL.

ZendCon‘s topics are generally advanced ones to enable professional, enterprise-ready development practices. There’s also an IBM i track and plenty of networking time so that IBM i users of PHP can learn from speakers and each other, making the conference appropriate for intermediate users of PHP on IBM i as well.

Hope to see you there, October 27-30, 2014! Remember to register for tutorial day when you register for the conference. Get in touch with questions you’d like answered during my presentations.

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i Can › About Writing “i Can”

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This week marks the 5th year of “i Can” - five years already?! When I review the long list of blogs that have been published,...

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